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Your unique psychological, physical and emotional experiences are central to everything we do.


We offer a range of modalities that can be engaged with separately, or as an integrated therapy.

Psychology Health Studios sees two practices coming together offering Clinical Psychology, EMDR, Naturopathy & Kinesiology, and a completely new service where you are assessed and treated by both practitioners.

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how we can help

Where Psychology Health Studios is unique is the option of meeting with both practitioners at the same time.

We think together with you about what would best serve your current situation, and then present a range of treatment options.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology specialises in the treatment, management or recovery from Mood Disorders.


Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing has been successfully used to treat severely traumatised people.


Kinesiology works on the belief that the body not only encapsulates the subconscious, but also stores relics from our life experiences.


Naturopathy is a holistic modality that utilises tools from nature such as herbs and nutrients to support your optimal health.

you choose

Our level of engagement is up to you

Clinical Psychology sessions with Naturopathic support

Clinical Psychology sessions to support your mental health as needed, alongside Naturopathic pathology testing and clinically effective treatment plan such as dietary, lifestyle, herbs, nutrients, minerals, pre and probiotics.

EMDR alongside Kinesiology for trauma recovery

For those seeking a holistic approach to PTSD, utilising EMDR alongside Kinesiology can support energetic, emotional and spiritual aspects that may be a part of your story. 

Food Intolerance Testing

Depending on your symptoms and history, the option for IgE, IgM, IgG and food compatibility testing is available to request with a Naturopathic consultation.

Kinesiology with Naturopathic Pathology Testing

The original Naturology therapy that incorporates the best of both Naturopathy and Kinesiology, guided by your innate wisdom. 

Gut Microbiome Testing

At the forefront of mental health is your gut-mind connection.  With Naturopathic consultation you have the option to pursue gut microbiome testing to assess how healthy and neuroprotective your gut microbiome is. 

Hair Mineral Analysis

Are your Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium or even Mercury levels impacting your mental health?  With Hair Mineral Analysis as part of a Naturopathic consultation we can see what your body is needing support with at a cellular level.

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Ursula H Naturology Client

When you visit Sarah’s Naturology Studio you’ll not want to leave. A beautiful space, relaxing, safe and comfortable. Her approach is holistic and the Kinesiology that Sarah uses is amazing. It was extremely helpful for my problem, give it a go

Kay W Naturology Client

Sarah has a wonderful ability to pin point problems and sort them out in a calm and serene, professional manner. She has helped so much and I consider myself fortunate to have found her.

Janet P Naturology Client

Absolutely amazing experience. More then I could have asked for. Sarah provides a safe space to work with you, in what you need the most. Sarah is thorough, calming, supportive, extremely knowledgeable and I cannot recommend enough. If you need to take the leap to go outside of what hasn’t been working for you, Sarah is the one to see. I needed my first session more then I could have ever asked for. And look forward to continue to work with her.

Dean M Kinesiology Client

The session had a great, calming vibe, was really therapeutic and insightful and educating. There was a lot of information overload which was good because that shows how much I learnt during my time there. Right afterwards I felt lighter, happier and my anxiety was completely gone

Clare G Naturology Client

Sarah was recommended as a Naturopath, I had no clue Sarah was a kinesiologist(actually I had no idea what kinesiology was). I find it hard to write a review as I can not put into words how different I feel after spending time with Sarah. The level of peace and comfort I felt during my consultation, the amazement I have for Sarah’s work. I’m so impressed, she’s a star.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst any one of these intervention options are beneficial in and of themselves, we believe their benefits compound when applied in a coordinated treatment.

The choice is always yours to engage with whichever therapy you’re most drawn to.  If you’re seeking Clinical Psychology Support only, there is no need to engage with other services.

Absolutely, if you’d like to start with Clinical Psychology and add in a Naturopathic assessment later into your treatment that is always an option.

Yes, we see people of all ages.

Yes, the option to connect via Zoom is available to you wherever you are based.

If you are seeking Medicare rebates for Clinical Psychology appointments, you will need a referral from a GP.

If you are not using Medicare rebates, self-referral is available.

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