Fees and Rebates

Naturopathy and Kinesiology (Naturology)


Initial Consultation (up to 90 mins)

First session includes Naturopathic assessment and Kinesiology balance to assess your health status. 


*Prior to your Initial Consultation, you will receive a Health Appraisal Questionnaire, and an Intake Form via email. It is important to complete these before-hand so that we are able to focus on what is most important to you on the day.

** For existing clients, please request this if you have not seen Sarah in more than 1 year.  


Child Initial Consultation (50 mins)

For children up to the age of 14, includes Naturopathic assessment and Kinesiology balance.


Naturopathy Follow-Up (30 mins)

Follow up appointments are recommended to monitor progress, review results, keep you on track, answer any questions you may have and make modifications to your treatment plan where appropriate. 

30 minutes does not include kinesiology (except for children).


Naturology Follow-Up (60 mins includes Kinesiology)

1 hour to check progress and includes a Kinesiology balance for adults.


Long Naturology Follow-Up (90 mins includes Kinesiology)

Relax into a longer 1.5 hour session to explore your subconscious and support your optimal health.


Naturology Studio VIPs

PH Studio Memberships offer the ideal way to ensure that you receive the most out of your Naturopathic and Kinesiology sessions. 

Upgrade Your Experience


Combined Psychology and Naturology Assessment

By Request Only (90 minutes). 

An assessment and treatment plan provided by both Phillip and Sarah.  

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Katrina C Naturology Client

Sarah is incredible! Can't wait for my next visit. She explains everything, makes sure you feel comfortable and works her magic! Highly skilled and calming, would highly recommend her to anyone considering kinesiology or naturopathy

Nelson C Kinesiology Client

Sarah made me feel instantly at ease upon entering. The session was informative and conveyed in an easy to understand manner. I would highly recommend Sarah for Kinesiology.

Clare G Naturology Client

Sarah was recommended as a Naturopath, I had no clue Sarah was a kinesiologist(actually I had no idea what kinesiology was). I find it hard to write a review as I can not put into words how different I feel after spending time with Sarah. The level of peace and comfort I felt during my consultation, the amazement I have for Sarah’s work. I’m so impressed, she’s a star