meet Sarah Claiden

Principal Naturopath and Kinesiologist at Psychology Health Studios.

Sarah offers Naturology consultations which combines the best of Kinesiology and Naturopathy modalities into one session, guided by your needs.

Originally from Melbourne, Sarah spent much of her younger life living in “survival mode”, in environments that did not suit her gentle nature.  These experiences ultimately led her to become passionate about the importance of your inner world, perceptions and emotions, and how they impact upon your physical health and enjoyment of life. 

Over the years, Sarah has tried many modalities and methods to support her own health which have given her a no-nonsense attitude towards the importance of clinical pathology testing alongside emotional and energetic support.

Sarah’s passion for natural health focuses on mental health, nourishing your unique body with the correct nutrition, and improving your human experience with a diverse and healthy gut-microbiome. 

my journey

Since childhood, I have loved to learn

Since childhood, I have loved to learn (especially when it came to science, physics and the laws of the nature!) and to help others.
First introduced to Naturopathy in 2001, I discovered that we feel much better when we take responsibility for our health, including what we eat, when we’re in line with our own unique nature and genetics. But I also know this can be easier said than done. Bad habits, social conditioning and negative internal dialogue can be hard to break…

I understand first-hand how stress and living out of alignment can affect physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. I also understand that we can keep ourselves incredibly busy, in order to avoid emotions and traumas that lay deep below the surface.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). With a family history of autoimmunity, the concept of someday having my own healthy family was hard to imagine. I believe that without the knowledge and application of natural health sciences, that becoming a mother to my two healthy and happy children would have remained a fantasy.

In 2015 a Kinesiologist was able to trace my chronic left shoulder pain to an emotion that had been there since I was a teenager. The explanation made sense, and my shoulder pain melted away. This experience sparked a passion to learn more as I could see just how supportive this modality is alongside Naturopathy.


Inspired by the works of Caroline Myss, Dr. John Bergman, the late Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer, I believe in the power of thoughts, energetic and spiritual aspects of health. I am also inspired by Michael Mosley’s no-nonsense approach to biomedical research in his documentaries and books about fasting, nutrition, medical testing and the microbiome.

Professional History

Sarah supports babies, children, teens and adults

Sarah Claiden has honed experience as a practicing Naturopath since 2017, and practicing Kinesiologist since 2019 and has experience at multi-modality clinics, spiritual stores and private health settings.

Issues that Sarah often supports in the Studio include:
Mental Health:  anxiety, depression, grief, trauma

Hormone Health:  adrenal burnout, hypo-thyroid, fertility support, hot flushes, menopause, endometriosis

Gut Health:  bloating, IBS, constipation, food intolerances, parasite infection

General Health:  fatigue, pain, inflammation

Sarah uses muscle monitoring to access the subconscious and support clients to reconnect with their own innate ability to return to optimal health. This can also be done remotely.


Sarah is a duly accredited and proud member of:


Bachelor Applied Science, Advanced Diploma (Nat), Diploma (Kin)