meet Lou hardie

Kinesiologist and Reiki Master at Psychology Health Studios

Lou offers Kinesiology sessions both in person and virtually that explore the metaphysical side of illness, and the Mind Body Connection, guided by your needs.

Kinesiologist Lou Hardie

Lou brings extensive understanding of ASD, ADHD, anxiety and grief, and works closely with children and adults.  

Originally from Melbourne, Lou has always had a curiosity around Natural Therapies.

As Lou grew up, so did her curiosity in these fields, she started seeing a Naturopath for digestive issues, she studied Bach Flower remedies, she sought Kinesiology when she needed help with her own grief. 

When Lou herself became sick, she sought Reiki to help her discover and unpack the emotional aspect of her sickness.

Lou began to understand the importance of looking after her Mind, Body and Spirit and after seeing the profound impact nurturing these aspects of herself had within her own life, it became her mission to share her knowledge and healing abilities with the world.

After raising her family with her beautiful hubby, Lou’s curiosity strengthened, this time with a focus on Kinesiology and Reiki. Lou studied both modalities and is now a Diploma qualified Kinesiologist and a Reiki Master. 

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Passion for Helping Others

Kinesiology Psychology Health Studios

Lou’s passion lies in aiding others on their healing stories. With a compassionate heart and a wealth of knowledge in various healing modalities, Lou extends a guiding hand to those in need. 

For as long as she can remember, Lou has been passionate about helping others.  She often sees clients who are experiencing grief, trauma and anxiety.  Lou’s passion extends to younger clients who have additional stresses in the way of ASD, ADHD and anxiety. Lou’s approach is holistic, recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in the healing process.

Lou’s journey as a Kinesiologist and Reiki Master began with a deep-rooted desire to alleviate suffering and promote wellness. Through years of study and hands-on experience, she has honed skills that support optimal health and return to wellness.

What sets Lou apart is her genuine empathy and unwavering commitment to her clients’ well-being. She takes the time to listen attentively, understanding each individual’s unique challenges and aspirations. Whether it’s relieving physical pain, soothing emotional wounds, or fostering spiritual growth, Lou tailors her approach to meet the specific needs of each person she encounters.

Beyond technical proficiency, Lou embodies qualities of patience, kindness, and respect; she creates a safe and nurturing environment where clients feel empowered to explore their healing journey at their own pace.

Lou’s work extends beyond the confines of a traditional healing practice. When she’s not in the Psychology Health Studios, you’ll find her supporting children aged 3-15 as a Therapy Assistant. Lou’s dedication to serving others leaves a lasting impact, inspiring others to embrace their own potential for healing and transformation.

In essence, Lou is more than just a practitioner; she offers a beacon of hope and healing, touching lives with her compassion and wisdom, and empowering others to embark on their own path to wholeness.


Inspired by the works of Inna Segel, Evette Rose, the late Louise Hay and Mark Wells, I am intrigued with the metaphysical side of illness and the Mind Body Connection.

Professional History

Lou supports babies, children, teens and adults

Lou Hardie has honed experience as a Reiki Master and qualified Kinesiologist. She also brings years of experience of life, as a wife, and mother to 3 children.

Lou brings extensive understanding and support with:
Mental Health:  ASD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, grief and trauma

Lou uses muscle monitoring to access the subconscious and support clients to reconnect with their own innate ability to return to optimal health. This can also be done remotely.


Lou is a duly accredited and proud member of:


Diploma Kinesiology (Progressive Kinesiology)

Reiki Master (Usui Method trained by Christine Maudi)