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Psychology Health Studios is located on the North side of Brisbane, approximately 35 minutes’ drive from the CBD. 

Easily accessible via car, bus or train (Shorncliffe Line).

Also known as “The Old Convent” or “Mission House”, the brick building is to the left of Sacred Heart Primary School, on the main street of Sandgate. 

The Psychology Studio is on the Ground Floor and has a waiting room available via the front door. 

The Naturology Studio is also on the Ground Floor, but is accessed via the side left wooden gate (the back door).

Street parking, and an ample car park is available on Burnett Place.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst any one of these intervention options are beneficial in and of themselves, we believe their benefits compound when applied in a coordinated treatment.

The choice is always yours to engage with whichever therapy you’re most drawn to.  If you’re seeking Clinical Psychology Support only, there is no need to engage with other services.

Absolutely, if you’d like to start with Clinical Psychology and add in a Naturopathic assessment later into your treatment that is always an option.

Yes, we see people of all ages.

Yes, the option to connect via Zoom is available to you wherever you are based.

If you are seeking Medicare rebates for Clinical Psychology appointments, you will need a referral from a GP.

If you are not using Medicare rebates, self-referral is available.