When Feeling Better Costs You

The cost of becoming well…

Feeling Unwell

"People who are suffering generally want things to change so that they can feel better and enjoy life"

However, some people may be resistant to feeling better if it costs them something obvious, like the chances of a big pay out following an accident, or losing a disability pension (which would bring it’s own anxieties).

Sometimes feeling better comes at an unexpected and less obvious or even unconscious costs, and people might not consciously be aware of what remaining unwell means to them.

Someone who comes from a family of anxious and depressed people might feel like they are:

  • betraying their family
  • losing their connection to their loved ones
  • or that they will have to leave them behind

Others might feel that their illness is their identity and without it they wont know who they are.

Some might even unconsciously fear losing the care and attention of their care-givers once they have more independence.

People might even be surprised to discover that their resistance is to the desired change itself…

  • what would they have to face if they felt better?
  • how safe would they feel if they were no longer grounded by their issues?


Most of these resistances to change are based in dysfunctional beliefs that would likely have been learned at an earlier stage of life and stored outside of conscious awareness.

Fortunately a skilled psychologist or kinesiologist can help to bring these beliefs to light and detangle people from shackles of this nature, freeing them up to make more life affirming choices for themselves.

How we can help

If you feel that you or somebody that you love are struggling with confusing resistances to healthy and desired change, Clinical Psychology or Kinesiology at Psychology Health Studios may be of assistance. 

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