When Feeling Better Costs You

1 May 2024 When Feeling Better Costs You The cost of becoming well… “People who are suffering generally want things to change so that they can feel better and enjoy life” However, some people may be resistant to feeling better if it costs them something obvious, like the chances of a big pay out following […]

Psychological Metrics Worse but Feeling Better?

10 April 2024 Psychological Metrics Worse but Feeling Better? DASS and K10 marks worse even though you’re feeling better? “Higher scores do not always equal deterioration in psychological health, it can often be a sign of healing” We all hear about the importance of measurable outcomes, and in mental health these are often measured with […]

Practical Breathing Techniques

12 March 2024 Practical Breathing Techniques Regulating your nervous system, by actively breathing… Where to start… As we all know by now, how you breath affects how your body feels, the thing is when it comes to your nervous system it can either slow it down or amp it up depending on the patterns of […]

Remembrance Day Mental Health

11 November 2023 Remembrance Day Mental Health Their sacrifice & the mental health impact felt across generations Armistice Day 2023 marks the 105 years of Armistice Day, also known as Remembrance Day. Originally an acknowledgement of the end of World War 1 following the unconditional surrender of Germany to Allied forces in 1918, Remembrance Day […]

PTSD Treatment Options

6 November 2023 PTSD Treatment Options PTSD treatment options to support your optimal health… naturally. With the world in topsy-turvy, it seemed appropriate to write this post to support the global community, especially those who may be triggered, or retriggered with trauma throughout the COVID-19 lock-downs. Whilst ~75% of the population will experience a traumatic […]