Brow Chakra Summary

The Brow Chakra “Seek Only The Truth”

This brow chakra is also known as the third eye, addresses the sixth energetic centre. The sixth chakra is involved in both conscious and unconscious psychological forces that influence our direction, perception and discrimination in life.

The physical location of this chakra sits at the center of the head, behind the brows – consider where an Indian bindi may be placed on the forehead. You may have noticed this energy centre during times of meditation or dreaming.

The Brow Chakra is developed throughout life as we learn lessons to do with “detachment”. Whereby one opens and develops an “impersonal mind” and understands the difference between thoughts motivated by strength and love, to those motivated by fear. The practical application of detachment does not mean that we no longer care, it is a term used for stilling one’s mind from fear-driven voices and having a sense of self that is so complete that external influences have no authority over one’s consciousness. This clarity of mind is the essence of spiritual wisdom.

As our brain commands our behaviour through its relationship to thought and perception, it is also associated with imagination and becoming conscious. By “Seeking Only the Truth” our minds are compelled to continually search for the difference between the ever present forces of truth and illusion. In doing so we are then able to detach from subjective perceptions to see the truth or symbolic meaning of a situation, release the old and embrace the new.

Becoming conscious means letting go and living fully in the present moment, understanding that no situation or person will be the same tomorrow.

We can then “flow” with life rather than fight against it. We can contribute the best of our energy to every situation with the understanding that we can influence, but not control, what we will experience tomorrow.

Strengths of the Brow Chakra

  • intellectual abilities
  • self-evaluation of conscious and unconscious insights
  • emotional intelligence
  • receiving inspiration
  • generating great acts of creativity and intuitive reasoning
  • being able to learn from experience
  • having an “open mind” to ideas from others
  • truth

Weaknesses of the Brow Chakra

  • feelings of inadequacy
  • unwillingness to look within
  • clouded judgement
  • judgemental
  • negative outlook
  • fear of or being unable to rely on external counsel
  • fear of one’s shadow side

Symbolic Sight via the Third Eye

Symbolic forms of “seeing” can be developed with discipline in the following ways:

  • practising introspection to become aware of what you believe in and why
  • keeping an open mind and learning to become aware when it is shutting down
  • recognising defensiveness as an attempt to keep new insights from entering
  • interpreting all situations and relationships as having symbolic importance, even if it is not immediately obvious what this is
  • becoming open to receiving guidance and insight through dreaming
  • releasing thoughts of self-pity, anger or blame
  • practicing detachment by making decisions based upon the wisest assessment you can make in a given moment (rather than trying to create a specific outcome)
  • refrain from making judgements about people or situations; we cannot possibly see all the facts or details of any situation or foresee the long-term consequences of our actions
  • recognise when we are being influenced by fear and make decisions to weaken fear
  • act upon inner guidance and give up the need for “proof” that it is real; the more you ask for proof the less likely you are to receive any
  • learn to trust and live in the present moment, mindfully; refrain from living in the past or worrying about the future

Becoming conscious can be far more attractive on paper than it is in practice; pursuing consciousness theoretically through books, conversations and workshops allows us to fantasize about getting to a promised land without actually having to make any changes in our lives. The effect is we become overloaded with information regarding truth, but are still living in an illusion. Becoming conscious means changing the rules and beliefs that we maintain and live by.

In Sanskrit the name “Ajna” has been given, which translates to “to perceive”. The element associated with this chakra is light.

Physical Aspects of the Brow Chakra

Blocking this energy can give rise to brain, neurological, eye or ear issues.

Exploring your Brow Chakra

Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually, questions you may like to journal about include:

  • “What beliefs do I have that result in the actions of others being perceived in a negative way?”
  • “Is there a negative behavioural pattern that keeps surfacing in my relationship with others?”
  • “What attitudes do I own that dis-empower me?”
  • “What beliefs do I continue to accept that I know are untrue?”
  • “Am I judgemental?” If yes, what situations or relationships bring out this tendency?
  • “Do I have excuses for behaving in negative ways?”
  • “Can I recall any instances where I was confronted with a new way of thinking and truth that was intimidating?”
  • “What beliefs and attitudes would I like to change, and am I willing to commit to these changes?”
  • “Can I be comfortable with thinking about my life in impersonal terms?”
  • “If I was to live a more open and conscious life, what fears does this raise?”

Exercises for your Brow Chakra

There are many ways that you can focus on and support your third eye.

  • Meditation, with closed eyes focus your attention at the centre of the head between the brows, and imagine cleaning the screen of your mind until it is clear and blank
  • Chakra colour visualisation – sit relaxed, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths then imagine a bright disc of white light above your head. This white light contains all of the colours of the chakras, which can be pulled down the spinal column.  Meditate on each chakra point for a couple of minutes and pay attention to how the colour feels and whether you feel comfortable or not. Allow the colour to stream into the relevant areas to “wash away” any feelings of disturbance or tension. Once you have focused on each chakra (listed below), check all of them to see if they retain the colours and see the whole body as a continuous rainbow. The colours that feel the most nourishing or energising most likely represent energies that you need the most at this time. Colours that feel the least welcome represent areas that are avoided or where there may be difficulty. Pale or weak colours represent weak areas. Play around with these colours until they feel balanced to you.
      • Chakra 1 – Root – Red
      • Chakra 2 – Sacral – Orange
      • Chakra 3 – Solar Plexus – Yellow
      • Chakra 4 – Heart – Green
      • Chakra 5 – Throat – Blue
      • Chakra 6 – Third Eye – Indigo
      • Chakra 7 – Crown – Violet
  • Meditate on the sacred message “Seek Only The Truth”
  • Chant the mantra “Om” to create sound vibration in the body to harmonise with the third eye chakra.
  • Yogic Eye Exercises

How we can help

We can use Kinesiology to access your subconscious and explore energetic aspects related to your brow chakra.  Together we will find out what your body most needs to support its own self-healing process.

Kinesiology can be utilised in person or virtually.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or book in for a consultation when you feel ready to.

Yours in Health,

Sarah Claiden


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