10 things you should know about Food Compatibility Testing

Compatible Foods and Household Products to suit YOUR body

What's it all about?

Compatibility Testing is something I recommend most clients** go ahead with when their symptoms are chronic and vague, and there are a number of reasons for this.

1. It takes the guess-work out of what YOU should be avoiding

Your body is unlike any other body that comes into my office, and needs to be treated as such. The “usual suspects” that typically adversely affect our health and promote inflammation include:

    • Gluten
    • Wheat
    • Dairy
    • Eggs
    • Nuts
    • Shellfish
    • Soy
    • The list goes on…

Imagine cutting all of those out one at a time? It’s not easy, especially when it can take weeks for the effects of removal to be noticed.  Doing this test allows us to view over 600 products that may be causing you grief and stops the blanket approach to natural health advice.

I could say Almond Milk is going to be better for you than Cows Milk due to the reduced inflammatory factor; but if you’re incompatible with Almond Milk I’ve now possibly made your symptoms worse.

2. You have a list of EXACTLY what you can have #guiltfree

The results of this test may indicate that cows milk is a problem, but lactose free cows milk is OK. Or that chicken is a problem, but turkey is OK.

Unlike blood-spot allergy/intolerance testing which test for certain foods, the Compatibility Test looks at combinations of foods which opens up your options. You may be instructed to remove chickpeas – but hummus may be fine.

Fruit intolerance

Thank you OPTIONS! 

3. It’s non-invasive and pain-free

Unlike allergy and intolerance testing, there’s no need to draw blood. This test requires a small sample of hair. Or if hair is not an option (e.g. bald or baby), a sample of saliva can be taken.

4. It gets results 

You can expect to start seeing and feeling results within 4 weeks. By the end of 6 months, your body will of had a chance to heal enough so that we can re-test and find out what is appropriate to re-introduce.

You do need to stick to the list as closely as possible.

The first time I did a re-test, I was shocked to read all of the symptoms that I listed at the beginning. None of them existed any more!


5. You will have more energy

For those of you who feel that “this is as good as it gets” or that the way you feel is “normal for your age” (sound familiar?)

After a month of this protocol you’ll realise that you were running on only a few cylinders and now have access to more energy than you realised possible.


6. Your skin will reflect your inner world

One of the most obvious benefits is your skin clearing up #hellogorgeous

7. Save money not buying unnecessary supplements

If you continue to consume foods or use products that you are incompatible to, it’s more than likely your symptoms will persist.

Rather than supplementing with heavy duty supplements and/or powerful liquid herbal medicines, I prefer to see how you respond this protocol first.

8. You may find it hard (to start with)

For many (including myself the first time) it can take time to make the recommended dietary changes. Perhaps your favourite items have shown up? (For me it was chicken and eggs – I had just made a beautiful organic chicken bone broth). Don’t beat yourself up if it takes you a few weeks to get started.

As time goes on, you’ll start to feel the difference and find it easier to stick with. The trick is embracing the list of alternatives AND knowing that it’s not forever.

You will likely find that in 6 months time you no longer miss those items that you struggled to let go of! I can safely enjoy chicken now, but choose to avoid it for other reasons and honestly don’t miss it.

As your Naturopath, I can support you as best I can and even offer Kinesiology balances to look at underlying resistance patterns.

It is also really important that you get your family on-board as a support crew.

healthy family

9. Sometimes you may feel worse before you feel better

Also referred to as a “healing crises”. As our bodies start to function more optimally at a cellular level, toxins and past trauma may start to release. 

If you’re experiencing extreme reactions, please contact your practitioner ASAP but if they’re mild, be comforted and trust that this soon will pass. 


10. You’ll embrace a new way of life

The natural way #letfoodbethymedicine 

You may find that potato crisps are OK for you… this does NOT mean that you should enjoy crisps as a main source of food daily! It is still important that you eat a rich, colourful variety of vegetables, fruit, protein, oils and whole-grains.

Book in with me to receive a variety of Gluten-Free / Dairy-Free / Refined-Sugar Free  meal ideas to get you started.

healthy food


It can be hard to start, but the results truly speak for themselves.

**If your reactions to foods are more intense (eg – hives breaking out quickly) – it may be more appropriate to consider IgG food intolerance testing.  Intolerances are an immune response that can occur relatively quickly (anywhere up to 24 hours) and are greater than that of incompatible foods.  You would then avoid intolerant foods alongside the incompatible foods.  Intolerance testing can be done in clinic, or posted to your address to complete at home with a virtual consultation to go through the results.  

How we can help

Do you feel like you’re making all the right healthy choices, but still aren’t feeling well? Perhaps it’s time to look into your own unique Compatibility Testing.

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